For Your Summer Reading List – A Tropical Book Review – Castaway by Lucy Irvine


Castaway is my recommendation for your summer reading list. It will transport you to the Coral Sea, land you on a deserted tropical island with an unsuitable cohabitor and let you live and breathe a simple, tropical life.

I recently picked it up, again, after returning from my family trip to the Florida Keys. Thoughts of leaving the Northeast and camping out in the Keys (the only way I could afford to live there), kidnapped my brain. Packing the boy’s lunches – drifted to snorkeling with the tropical fish; getting the mail – floated to poolside with palms rustling above. I couldn’t get away from the tropical thoughts. I’d like to say this was an isolated event, but it happens after all great vacations. So, in this adventurous, life-flip-flopping frame of mind, Castaway was the book I had to read, if not to change my life, then just to extend my vacation another week.

As I read Lucy Irvine’s tale of survival, there was no doubt in my mind, it was me not her on that island.  I guess that’s what’s best about reading a gifted writer. From my suburban home, I was lifted to Tuin, felt the sand in my toes, and the hot sun on my back, felt her frustration at losing her hard-fought catch to a shark, and joy of coaxing a coconut out of its tree for a nutritious and satiating treat.

As time passes, I’m sure the magic of some of the images and her magnificent strength and courage will dim in my mind.  So, I’ll be forced to once again, pick up this lovely friend and remind myself of its gift.

You can pick up a copy of Castaway at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, your favorite on-line bookstore, or your favorite local independent bookstore. (Mine is R.J. Julia’s, just in case you didn’t have one you love)

What is your favorite tropical book? The one that takes you straight to the tropics and gives you a mini-vacation without leaving your home.



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4 thoughts on “For Your Summer Reading List – A Tropical Book Review – Castaway by Lucy Irvine

  1. Great review, Kristi. That book cover is calling to me. Looks like a wonderful read.
    Thanks for the review.

    • Thanks so much, Sharon.
      Lucy Irvine was so brave – living out that deserted island fantasy. I guess it wasn’t all going topless and picking up shells, but still – what an adventure. In my current frame of mind, I’d need a few hundred modern conveniences, like a refrigerator, ac when it’s really hot, Stop and Shop on the next island over, but you never know. Maybe when the boys are in college…

  2. Kristi:
    When I was a teacher I learned to never choose a classroom with a water view in the spring. The scene outside the window was always more interesting than anything I had to say. It sounds like the opposite is true for a reader and writer like you– you take inspiration from the beautiful places outside your vacation window. The Florida Keys are one of the spots on my bucket list. One of these days….

    • David, you are so poetic. I loved your observation.

      Hope you make it to the Keys this year.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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