Mark Klein’s Famous Fresh Margarita Recipe

Monday, May 21, 2012

WELCOME to Tropical Coffee Break. My name is Kristi Rhodes and I’m writing about all things tropical and sub-tropical.  I hope you will take a break from your day to enjoy tropical views, adventures, recipes, sounds, books, furnishings, creatures or anything else tropical and fun I find.

I thought a TOAST may be in order.  I mean this is my first blog and we need to celebrate such an occasions don’t we?  Well, just in case you don’t have anything to toast with, I’ve included my favorite drink recipe.

My toast to you:

May your day be filled with tropical attitudes, relaxed family-and-friend-filled moments and peaceful minds.

Clink and drink!

Mark Klein’s Famous Fresh Margarita Recipe 

This is my brother’s secret recipe. 

The Finished Recipe
Non-alcoholic is just as delicious, just omit the hard stuff, maybe increase the sugar

(Just a word from our legal team:  please follow the drinking laws in your state or country and only imbibe if you are of age)

*Makes 3 cups


1 ½ ounces Tequila (1800 or your favorite)

1 ounce Cointreau or Triple Sec

4 limes, 3 oranges and ½ grapefruit

¼ cup sugar

1 1/2 ounces Tequila (1800 or your favorite)

First, create the…

Fresh Homemade Margarita Mix:

In a small pitcher,

Squeeze 4 limes, 3 oranges and half of a grapefruit

Add ¼ cup sugar

Stir juices and sugar together.


In a cocktail shaker or pitcher:

Add a handful of ice

Add Tequila and Cointreau

Add Fresh Homemade Margarita Mix

Now…Shake, shake, shake—shake, shake, shake…shake your boo –

Oh sorry.  Lost in a song.

Shake, shake, shake


Prepare your glasses:

(This step is optional)

Rub a lime wedge all the way around the rim of your glass

Put the lime in the coconut….or something like that

Dip your glass in a plate of salt or sugar


If serving your Margarita straight up, strain the combined ingredients in the shaker and pour into your salt/sugar rimmed glass.

 If serving on-the-rocks, pour your Margarita over ice in your salt/sugar rimmed glass.

If serving frozen, pour the Margarita into the blender, give it a whirl and then pour into your salt/sugar rimmed glass.


Let the party begin…

Clink and slurp.

I’m picturing you right now having fun, drinking your Margaritas with friends. What’s your favorite tropical drink recipe?  Share below in the comments. If you’d like to get updates in your email when new blogs (around once a week) come out, check the box in comments. Come join us for more fun in the tropics.

Until next time, wishing you sunny days and tropical coffee breaks…


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