5 Top Snorkeling Videos

Welcome!  Today, we’re visiting the top 5 snorkeling videos.

For all of you snorkel lovers or if you’re just interested in the creatures under-the-sea  these videos will bring you down under (the sea, that is).  These videos are listed in no particular order. Enjoy:)

1. The first video is from ST. ANDREWS STATE PARK, in Panama City, Florida.

My family snorkeled there and we loved it. A sandy beach lined a sheltered cove with rocks that bordered the inlet to snorkel along.

The video just relaxed me. Fun to watch the few fish that led to an amazing school.

2. The second video is so cool to me because it stars an OCTOPUS.

How often do we get to see how they move around in their natural environment? I thought it was fascinating.


3. This third video showcases a SEA TURTLE meeting snorkelers on the Great Barrier Reef.

Oh. My. Gosh.  It is so darned cute. I have only seen turtles a couple of times while snorkeling, so it is fun to me to live vicariously through this video.


4. The fourth interesting snorkeling video is from COZUMEL.

It’s fun because it has cool music, takes you from shore to ship to snorkel place and then under the sea. I felt like a passenger on the trip.

5. The fifth snorkeling video is from Antigua.

Just looked like a fun adventure I’d love to experience.  Also, at more than 9 minutes long, you can really get lost in the adventure.

I hope you enjoyed the snorkeling trips today. Where was your favorite snorkeling adventure?  Let us know in the Comments section.  If you’d like to receive email notice for new posts, there’s a place in the comments box to check.

Thanks so much for visiting Tropical Coffee Break.  Hope to see you next week for a new tropical topic:)


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